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#1 Fully recyclable ice cream packaging makes UK launch

Like coffee cups, many ice-cream containers are paper-based but cannot be easily recycled due to a plastic barrier lining that is hard to separate. However, UK ice cream brand Northern Bloc has announced the introduction of recyclable packaging for their new salted caramel and almond swirl vegan flavour variant. The new tubs achieve moisture barrier protected with an organic coating, rather than using plastic. This allows the packs to be recycled in conventional kerbside recycling facilities.  The barrier’s natural compound is made from sugarcane, the by-product of which is fully reusable and breaks down naturally. The new variant is available in UK Co-op stores for £5. No information on the recyclability of the cap is available.  See also: Compostable and recyclable ice cream pack saves 500 tons of plastic annually.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Easily removable label improves yoghurt packaging recycling

Nestlé has previously announced its commitment to ensuring that all of its packaging is recyclable or reusable by 2025. The business is working on achieving this goal with several initiatives coming to market. The latest one sees Emsur, the flexible plastic packaging division of the Lantero Group, work with the food brand giant to a pioneer a new recycling method for yoghurt pots. A yoghurt container manufactured by Coexpan Chile has a removable label manufactured by Emsur Argentina that separates from the container without leaving any residue to facilitate recycling for consumers. The easy peal solution allows the consumer to effortlessly separate the materials for recycling. A unique feature is an added layer that allows the consumer to remove the label without breaking the paper, facilitating its separation from the container. The solution is sold in Chile through the Nestlé Batido brand and gives the potential for around 1,200 tons of plastic to be recycled through this project.

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#3 Compostable cornstarch foam disintegrates under running water

Salisbury, Maryland headquartered Perdue Farms is one of the largest meat processing firms in the United States. Packaging plays a significant role for the business to deliver preservation and protection of the product and consequent demands on the environment. The non-recyclable foam packaging for meat products is a pain point for consumers. To move in the right direction, Perdue Farms has announced that it will start packaging some of its products using a compostable foam made of cornstarch. The material promises to disintegrate under running water making a new and novel way for consumers to dispose of their packaging. If consumers do not want to pour cornstarch down their drain, the foam will dissolve in landfill. The new packaging will be available initially for online sales. The meat shipped is encased in a recyclable box and a foam cooler made from the water-soluble cornstarch. Perdue Farms aims to make all of its packaging recyclable in due course.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Water brand gets noticed with dumbbell-shaped bottle

Disruptive pack shapes can be a key tool to help create stand out and get noticed on shelf. This is further enhanced when the shape helps to enhance and communicate the product proposition.  This is the case with Flexwater, which is a US fitness and wellness water brand that comes in three product-lines. The brand turns heads with a trademarked dumbbell-shaped 24-ounce (710ml) bottle that doesn’t follow water bottle packaging convention. The shape of a weight-lifting item helps to communicate the fitness aspect of the proposition. It also acts to help drinkers easily hold the bottle. Flexwater has a retail price of $2.99. See also PET beer bottles shaped for success.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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