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#1 Flexible paint pack has host of functional advantages


A new pack format has been introduced for the paint market that promises increased consumer convenience as well as some sustainability advantages. Smart Bottle is a licensed Dow solution that is licensed worldwide as is part of its PacXpert range. The Smart Bottle is available from in a range of liquid packaging sizes from 1 gallon (4.54 litres) to 5 (22.7 litres). It does not need a box around it to stand up and can stand on its own even when almost empty.  The paint Smart Bottle is an alternative to the normal cube design.  The Smart Bottle is part of Weaverville, North Carolina based KRW Packaging Machinery offerings. KRW makes the Smart Bottles as well as the Smart Bottle machinery. KRW made the paint can replacement for Canadian Tire Stores that sells the paint in their stores across Canada. Take a look at a short demo video of the solution.  See also Easy to pour plastic paint container challenges metal can dominance.

#2 Tube range made from 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial recycled aluminium

Tubex has been manufacturing aluminium tubes for more than 70 years. It has tapped into that experience with a bold and differentiated aluminium tube introduction. The initiative is claimed to be the world’s most sustainable aluminium tube. Tubex’s blue tube offering is made of 100% recycled aluminium using a specially developed alloy. Blue tube closes the circular material loop by bringing post-consumer and post-industrial waste back into tube production. The new tube offers the same product features and characteristics as conventional aluminium tubes. The new tubes are constructed from 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial recycled aluminium and delivers reductions in CO2 emissions of 40%. This ensures that the new solution has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional aluminium tubes. The recycling process uses 95% less energy than primary production.

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#3 Home compostable potato packaging is an Irish retail first


Aldi continues to work on its global plastic reduction programme, which aims to ensure all of its own-label packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2022. This target is three years ahead of the UK and USA Plastic Pact pledges. To help achieve this goal, Aldi Ireland is trialling home compostable bags for Ireland’s most popular potato variety and will become the first retailer in the country to do so.  Aldi’s 1kg Irish Rooster Potatoes packaging is made from a blend of compostable materials. Customers can place the packaging in their compost heap at home instead of having to put it in the brown bin to be sent to an industrial composting facility. If the pilot is successful, the new packaging will remove five tonnes of non-recyclable plastic packaging across more than a million bags of spuds annually. Across a range of different activities, Aldi has so far removed more than 600 tonnes of plastic from its 143 Irish stores. See also Potato range gets biobased mesh solution.


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#4 New polystyrene material made from up to 30% post-consumer recycled content

A global manufacturer of plastics, latex binders and synthetic rubber Trinseo has developed a new grade of post-consumer recycled polystyrene (r-PS) in combination with Meinerzhagen headquartered German thermoplastic packaging manufacturer Fernholz. The new polystyrene material in development is based on 20%-30% post-consumer recycled content (PCR), which will help to conserve resources and reduce oil consumption. The solution gives dairy product brand owners food-compliant r-PS options. Trinseo’s technology embeds the material into the polymerization process using solvent processes. The r-PS solution can be processed on established form fill seal (FFS) machinery thus eliminating the need for costly equipment upgrades. The new material grade is being piloted by a number of European dairy companies. Trinseo has the capacity to supply several thousand tons of the material in the dairy industry. The lid or label can be safely separated as part of the recycling process.

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