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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week. We have selected four brand new initiatives that we hope will be on interest to you below.


ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week. We have selected four brand new initiatives that we hope will be on interest to you below.
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#1 Digitally printed cup is made directly from the label

A distinctive new patent-pending label-based beverage cup is being introduced by start-up company Cup-It in what is being claimed is the next-generation of labels. The business is using digitally printed cups that are constructed directly from the label. The label-to-pouch application uses a peel and tear strip to remove the label from the bottle so that individual pouches can be removed from the whole label. The label is opened up and formed into cups that can be directly drunk from and is seen as a practical way to share the contents of large drink bottles. The solution is seen as a plastic-waste reducing approach to label printing.  The labels are digitally printed offering short runs, the ability to create multiple SKUs, pack versioning and a speedy turnaround. The labels offer brands a great promotional tool for outdoor and sporting events as well as for sales promotions. The video below helps to bring the innovation to life.


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#2 Paper-based cosmetics tube set to shake up market

L’Oréal have announced the exciting development of a paper-based tube that could shake up the cosmetics market. The breakthrough innovation briught to market alongside Gennevilliers, France-based cosmetic packaging experts Albéa meets the need that many cosmetic brand owners have to reduce the amount of plastic packaging. It is reported to be the first carton-based cosmetic tube, where plastic is for the most part replaced with a certified paper-like material. Its full benefits to the environment will be assessed through a multi-criteria Life Cycle Analysis. The new technological solution has a target first market launch for skincare products for the second half of 2020. See also Tube packs promise to simplify tea drinking on-the-go.

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#3 Online refill pouches include postal recycle scheme

Scottish distillery Dunnet Bay has announced the introduction of a fully recyclable pouch for its Rock Rose gin brand. Rock Rose is well known in the market for its collectable hand signed ceramic bottles that are popular with drinkers. Shoppers are encouraged to keep their previously bought bottles and order 70cl pouches to refill their bottles. The pouch weighs 65 grams compared to 700 grams for a bottle. The pouches have been designed to fit through letterboxes. There is a significant saving of £4 over the price of ordering a new ceramic bottle. The pouches can be returned to Dunnet Bay via a freepost postal recycling scheme. A four layer laminate pouch has been designed to lock in all the freshness of the gin, with an easy-to-use plastic spout closure. The refill solution will be recycled by TerraCycle. Dunnet Bay are also offering in-store refills at their distillery retaill outlet.  See also Pouch refills create ‘bottles for life’ spirit packaging.


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#4 Refillable milk scheme proves popular with shoppers

A retailer is tackling the challenge of single-use use packaging with the introduction of a refillable milk scheme. Siop Ellis in Anglesey, Wales has taken steps to tackle the problem of plastic waste by installing a milk machine for customers to fill their bottles themselves. Shoppers can buy reusable glass bottles from the outlet or can bring in their own containers. The outlet has a 14 litre tank, which with current demand is emptied and replenished around three times per day. The machine dispenses locally-sourced, semi-skimmed milk.  This is the first example we have tracked of dispensing milk with most of the refillable examples tracked so far from the health and beauty and household sectors.  The initiative ties in with the recent announcement that Anglesey has become the first county in the UK to be awarded ‘plastic free’ community status. See also Refillable shower gel station is nod to the past.

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