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#1 Consumers can build their own fragrance combination by selecting up to three scents by toggling pack sliders


US luxury accessories brand Judith Leiber has introduced a new customizable fragrance with a difference. The “More is More!” perfume brand offering for women features multiple scents that can be mixed and matched in one innovative and distinctive bottle. More is More! incorporates a unique, customizable bottle design. It is possible to switch from one to seven fragrances in just one click of the pack. Consumers can build their own signature fragrance and select one, two or all three scents by toggling sliders on the bottle to make a multitude of aroma combinations. This offers the opportunity for personalization throughout the day, a benefit that the brand recognises would be welcomed by consumers. The one-of-a-kind bottle allows consumers to switch between fragrances and mix on the spot to create aromas to meet their mood. More is More! comes in a distinctive 75ml bottle and retails for $125 (£93).

#2 Printable sensor technology will help identify thawing and heat exposure for COVID-19 vaccines

The development of vaccines to combat COVID-19 is opening up new packaging solutions to ensure its safe distribution and delivery. Chromatic Technologies (CTI) have been frequent visitors to the Innovation Zone with their various thermochromic solutions. They are now working on the battle to beat COVID-19 with the introduction of printable sensors to distinguish thawing, heat exposure or tampering of vials and vaccine syringes.  CTI is introducing its BlindSpotz printable sensor technology previously featured in the Innovation Zone here: On-pack freeze alert delivers cold-chain monitoring system. The Colorado-based business has partnered with several pharmaceutical packaging companies to help protect the vaccine supply chain. CTI’s printable sensor has been developed to protect Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for onward distribution to hospitals and pharmacies. The solution helps to confirm a proper storage temperature of -20C and will identify if it thawed to 0C or warmed above 8C. CTI is donating its label technology for the first 100 million doses of any order.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Timer device transforms jars and bottles into intelligent packs to reduce food waste


An intelligent device from a new packaging consortium is aiming to reduce food waste. The group consists of packaging experts across disciplines and skillsets and includes agency SGK Anthem, Vrijdag Premium Printing, investment business Generous Minds, Neurensics, decoration experts Kurz and Merck. The talented combination of businesses has joined forces under the ‘Packadore Collective’ name to create a connected packaging solution to combat food waste.  The ‘DeXel’ concept design innovation uses connected technology to transform existing jars and bottles into intelligent packaging. A timer device attaches magnetically to food packaging lids and attempts to use motion sensor technology and an LED lighting to help consumers reduce food waste.  The user needs to scan a QR code on the pack with their smartphone and enters the use-by date. The DeXel timer device can then track and advise on the use of the product. If the cross is fully lit up green, the product is determined safe to use. One green bar is an alert that the product needs to be consumed that day. Red indicates that the product is no longer safe to consume. The DeXel app will be sponsored by partner brands who will be able to engage with consumers. Data generated by consumer usage will be used to provide insight on brand usage.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Leading toothpaste brands start switch to recyclable HDPE tubes

Toothpaste tubes although convenient are largely not recyclable and that’s a problem that Procter & Gamble is tackling head-on. The multinational consumer goods business has announced the commencement of a major material switch for their leading toothpaste brands. The change to recyclable HDPE tubes will start in 2021 for P&G’s Crest, Oral-B and Blend-a-med brands. It will take four years to implement the change across all US and European markets. The company is in discussions with several HDPE tube suppliers and has already reached an agreement with supplier of the world’s largest range of beauty and personal care packaging Albéa. P&G will start using the GENNEVILLIERS-based comany’s proprietary Greenleaf Generation 2 tube technology. Henkel has also worked with Albéa on a similar solution – Oral care tube portfolio to switch to fully recyclable format.  The Greenleaf  HDPE tubes are recyclable wherever recycling collection schemes are in place and are recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) as well as RecyClass and SUEZ.circpack in Europe. The toothpaste tubes can be converted into quality post-consumer HDPE resin to then be reused to make new plastic bottles.

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