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#1 Concentrated shaving cream promotes reduce, reuse, recycle principles

UK-based men’s cosmetic brand men-ü sustainability strategy is based on the well-known principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. These pillars have transcended into a new pack format that uses smaller, more compact packaging as its new format. The range is even called the 3R Grooming line to further reinforce the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos. The product has a formula so concentrated that 100 ml of shaving cream can apparently deliver more than 165 shaves, a scenario that delivers a lot less packaging per usage that competitors products. Men-ü has also introduced refills for its products. The product development breakthrough to deliver an ultra-concentration means a lot more functional product is in a small bottle. The bottle uses fully-recyclable plastics. At just 21 gm, the weight of what is recycled from the packaging is claimed to be more than 90% less than the equivalent in aerosol shavers. The products are currently sold both in high street stores as well as online.

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#2 Compostable and biobased cling film developed for fresh food packaging

Efforts continue to look for ways to reduce plastic’s impact on the environment and the cling film market is no exception with its current dependency on non-recyclable PVC and PE as the standard for the majority of products on the market. German chemical giants BASF and Calto, Italy based packaging manufacturer Fabbri Group have combined to challenge the status quo with a new biobased cling film for fresh food. The technical advancement of the stretch film incorporates certified compostable and biobased ecovio from BASF. The Nature Fresh solution delivers high transparency and good mechanical attributes for automatic packaging. It is compliant with US and European food contact standards and can be composted as part of homeowners’ food waste.  The certified compostable Ecovio-based Nature Fresh film is the first certified compostable alternative cling films. The film offers a range of functional features in line with PVC in terms of tensile strength, breathability, transparency and anti-fogging. Ecovio actually offers better water vapour transmission than PE.

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#3 Packaging is integral part of a new vehicle toy

Many toy brands are working to reduce or completely remove the plastic in their packaging. For example, leading brand Hasbro has an aspiration to phase out their plastic boxes by 2022. But reuse goes a step farther. Toy company Educational Insights have been busy with a solution that ticks boxes for sustainability. Their new toy rocket ship product comes packaged in a cardboard box that isn’t supposed to be recycled or thrown away.  Rather, the company transformed its packaging to transform into something that can be played with. The box for their rocket toy unfolds to unveil a scene that enhances the playing experience including a control centre and launch tower. Another product in the range sees a toy recycling truck that comes in a box that turns into a recycling centre. The use of full-colour pop-up graphics onto what would have been throwaway cardboard trays helps to extend packaging use. The new set of boxes also double as long-term storage for toys. See also Secondary packaging transforms into jetpack after the kids’ clothes have been unpacked.


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#4 High-tech aeronautic material poised for perfume and cosmetic packaging applications

The research team from the Selangor based International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) have developed a biodegradable food pack utilising the skin of the durian fruit. The material also has applications as a filament for 3D printing. Durian is generally found throughout Southeast Asia and has a thick and pulpy exterior. The new material, which helps to support the university’s circular economy aspirations, was created by IIUM researchers through the mixing of durian skin fibres with epoxidized palm oil. The resulting biodegradable polymer can be moulded into packaging containers for food. Following tests where the material was buried in soil for three months, approximately 83% of the packaging had degraded. The Durian skin fibre-based biocomposite could be an alternative material for 3D printing, which is biodegradable and utilizes durian skin waste. Future work will concentrate on ways to reduce the cost of the new polymer.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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