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#1 Technology transforms any standard pack barcode into a two-way interactive tool

WestRock owned Multi Packaging Solutions has partnered with Knutsford, Cheshire, UK technology business Smartglyph to deliver a potentially transformation new technology for on pack consumer communication. SmarterBarcodes is a technology that can transform a standard barcode into a two-way interactive communications tool without any change to the existing pack or barcode. This allows consumers to interact with a brand and product by simply scanning the standard ubiquitous barcode found on all packs with their smart phone device. This technology optimises the use of existing pack space and requires no artwork or pack changes. It can immediately make packaging interactive giving the consumer access to enhanced product information, videos, discount coupons, games or promotions. SmarterBarcodes requires the user to download a generic app. The brand-owner has the ability to personalise this app and action campaigns in real-time, deciding what the consumer sees after scanning the pack barcode. This provides the flexibility to adapt or completely change a promotional campaign without changing the packaging.

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#2 Glass tricks user into thinking they are drinking something else

A new cocktail glass has been developed that aims to change consumer’s perceptions of the contents. The Vocktail glass has three layers of sensory stimulation effecting the senses of sight, smell and taste and has been designed to trick users into thinking they are drinking something other than water. The development has potential future implications for the role of packaging in influencing consumer senses and subsequent product perceptions. The Vocktail glass has been created by National University of Singapore research fellow Nimesha Ranasinghe. The glass has LED lights fitted that change the colour of the liquid contents.This alone has an impact on the sense of taste. The glass also pumps  which spray scents from the rim. Finally, their are also electrodes on the rim, which touch the tongue to alter the taste perceptions.By modulating electrical flow, it is possible to make the tongue sense specific flavours.

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#3 Compostable peanut bag is a sports venue first

The Kansas City Chiefs American football team has become the first professional sports venue in the US to sell pre-packed peanuts made from compostable packaging. The compostable bag will be sold throughout general concessions at the club’s Arrowhead Stadium, where they sell more than 15,000 bags in the stadium’s concessions every season.. Food services company Aramark asked German chemical giants BASF to deliver the compostable bag solution. BASF worked with Missouri Organic Recycling to test packaging prototypes to ensure that the final product meet the required composting guidelines for both quality and safety. The end product is the first-of-its-kind commercially available peanut bag to be made from BASF’s certified compostable biopolymer and adhesive.

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#4 Retail ready pack reduces shelf footprint by 45%

One of the largest food producers in Brazil, Grupo Predilecta has recently launched an innovative retail ready pack for stand-up pouch tomato sauce packs. The business’s objective was to make the retail point of sale more practical and efficient. The new pack not only improves shelf impact it also occupies less than half the shelf space of the same quantity of the previous version. The box used to transport the sauces can be transformed into gondola displays. In addition, the displays can be stacked to improve practicality in the supply chain and at the point of sale. Tests carried out by the company’s packaging development team show that the same amount of sauce using the display case occupied a total area of 36 cms of shelf space compared to 20 cms for the previous format – a difference of 45%. The display boxes were developed by Esmarca and are produced by Klabin.

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