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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week. We have selected four brand new initiatives that we hope will be on interest to you below.

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#1 Chocolate wrapper free of foils, laminates or plastics makes trial debut

Mondelez International declared its strategy back in 2018 to make all of its packaging fully recyclable by 2025. A significant step in that direction may on the horizon with the announcement of a world-first for the business via the trial of a paper confectionery wrapper. The packaging is free of foils, laminates or any plastic. The exciting test launch for the New Zealand market is for its Cadbury Energy bar and will roadtest the ‘durability and effectiveness’ of 100% paper packaging. The pack is 100% recyclable and uses sustainably-sourced paper. Mondelez notes that many other paper-based packs on the market have a thin plastic film.  See also Paper snack bar packaging set to shake up the confectionery sector.


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#2 New fragrance refillable in 200 stations across UK

French luxury perfumes and cosmetics brand Lancôme has introduced a new refillable fragrance bottle for their Idôle brand. The bottle is one of the slimmest ever for Lancôme measuring just 15mm thick and takes inspiration from the mobile phone in terms of size and portability. It has been destined for sustainability as all sizes available are refillable, with 200 refill stations at selected stores across the UK and Ireland. Consumers just need to take their empty bottle into one of the stores to refill their bottle at a discounted price saving. The bespoke refilling system fills from the bottom.  More information here:

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#3 Reusable gift-wrap made from 12 recycled plastic bottles

Wrag Wrap is a UK business selling reusable gift-wrap as an alternative to the often unrecyclable single-use version. The business is expanding its offering with the introduction of a collection of 11 new designs for its reusable fabric gift-wrap. The new range has been launched for the Christmas gifting period and is made from 100% recycled plastic bottle waste. Most single-use paper gift wrap is either not recycled or cannot be recycled and consequently ends up in landfill. Each of the new Reversible Crackle Wraps from Wrag Wrap is made from the recycling of around 12 plastic bottles. Each durable wrap is completely reusable and is estimated that it could save over 100 metres of traditional single-use paper gift wrap over its lifetime if used to its full potential. The double-sided designs have a Christmas print on one side and a design for all occasions on the other.  At the end of the wrap’s usable life, Wrag Wrap will take it back for refurbishment or for recycling.


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#4 Reusable egg cartons make food store debut

US organic egg brand Pete and Gerry’s is embracing the rise in popularity for reusable packaging with the introduction of a new egg carton offering. It has been introduced the recycled BPA-free plastic containers to Co-Op Food Stores in New Hampshire and Vermont. The cartons retail for $2.99 (£2.30) and are refillable from a display of loose eggs in store. The eggs have a small discount to give shoppers some compensation for the initial cost of the reusable packaging. Pete and Gerry’s objective is to moving consumer behaviour from recycling to reuse. The cartons are designed to be sturdier than the single-use packaging they replace.  It has been reported that the company has sold 500 reusable cartons during the pilot so far. Pete and Gerry’s cartons are intended to be washed at home by the user and it is not clear about the potential health consequences of any pathogen contamination created as a consequence.

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