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#1 Cardboard-based beverage can multipack with rounded corners aims to replace plastic


The migration from plastic to paper-based beverage can multipack collations continues. There have been numerous examples introduced in the market in recent times. Another example has been introduced that uses shape as a product differentiator. The corrugated cardboard multipack solution has been introduced by SCA incorporating their patented Arcwise technology. The new concept for beverage cans called Arcwise Multipack is based on SCA’s Arcwise technology, which makes it possible to manufacture corrugated packaging with rounded shapes. See Round shaped pack sets beer brand apartThe new multipack concept is the result of an 18-month development project. Arcwise Multipack is available in several different shapes with 3, 4 or 6 cans in each multipack. The concept also includes a corrugated tray with rounded corners that can be filled with several multipacks. Both the corrugated cardboard tray and the individual multipacks can be delivered with product branding. Arcwise has a lightweighting potential, which can help to reduce overall carbon footprint.

#2 Translucent barrier paper has array of food applications

Independent paper manufacturer Arjowiggins has announced the introduction of a translucent functional barrier paper as an alternative to plastics in packaging. The Sylvicta solution is fully recyclable as well as being compostable and marine-degradable. It is made from renewable raw materials and has been scientifically proven to preserve the quality of food and cosmetics just as well as the conventional plastics that it replaces. The new product has a high barrier to oxygen, to help reduce food spoilage. It also has an effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs. Arjowiggins have developed a unique to the market translucent paper with a natural bonding, without the need for chemicals.  Sylvicta is as versatile as plastic in terms of pack effects and can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, metallized or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials using conventional converting lines. The business is working with packaging converters to open up an array of applications encompassing pouches, bags, flow-wraps and sachets for food products such as dry fruits, salads, soap, pet food and chocolate bars. Metallized versions of Sylvicta are also a reality for butter and margarine packaging. The fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging is FSC and PEFC-certified. It is also carbon-offset via the Carbon Balanced programme from the World Land Trust. See also Sustainable paper-based material’s benefits are clear.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Two products can be stored in one single container


A new way to pack two products into one pack has been developed to offer convenience for consumers as well as a product point of differentiation. The new design by Duet Innovation is a unique offering that facilitates the storage of two products in one constructed pack. What looks like a single container consists of two units that assemble and disassemble through a simple and engaging twist and lock mechanism. The patented bottle and container combination is called One2. The first market introduction sees the USA’s best selling automotive glass cleaner Invisible Glass has created a new Clear Plastic Cleaner in a larger 426 ml outer bottle combined with a smaller 113 ml bottle of hand sanitizer inside. Both products are in a single pack that is easy to use as well as store. Invisible Glass is now working on dual-use concepts for its Stoner Car Care brand. Duet Innovation is offering licensing use for several market applications. For example, you could have red and white wine combined in two bottles in one. There is also the potential for powdered baby formula inside a baby bottle. Combinations of laundry detergent and fabric softener, as well as shampoo with conditioner, are also possible.  Alcoholic spirits could also be combined with one of the many mixers that can accompany the drink. See also Interlocking bottles allow stacking of different assortments.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Confectionery brand is first to switch to new wood-based material

Leading Finnish food company Fazer has made a commitment to build a more sustainable future for their business. This includes a strong focus on the introduction of new packaging solutions where it is working on recyclable, reusable and renewable packaging material initiatives. The brand has announced that their Moomin brand chocolate drops will be the first-ever foodstuff to be packed in wood-based Paptic Gavia material. The material is made with a minimum of 80% raw materials from renewable sources. Moomin chocolate drops will be available across Finland in the K Group’s grocery stores as well as via Fazer’s e-commerce channel. Conventionally, chocolate drops have been packed in plastic bags or carton boxes.  The packaging can be recycled.  To make sorting easier and consumer communication better, Fazer have introduced clear recycling markings on the packaging. Fazer has the exclusive right to use the material in confectionery packages in the Nordic and Baltic countries for a time-limited period. The Innovation Zone first wrote about Paptic here: Fibre-based packaging touted as in-between paper, plastic and textile.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

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