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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week for our Innovation Zone database.

We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week for our Innovation Zone database. We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

More information on our Innovation Zone packaging database –

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#1 Breakthrough blister pack improves sustainability


The blister pack has been a significant and well-established format for the safe packaging of pharmaceutical products for many years.  However, the format has traditionally been difficult to recycle. Packaging heavyweights Amcor have developed a new solution to combat this.  AmSky is a recent initiative that has the potential to make healthcare packaging much more sustainable. AmSky removes PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) from blister packaging, allowing it to be recycled more easily. The innovation reports to deliver the first child-resistant and senior-friendly recyclable packaging for one of the most commonly used packaging types in the pharmaceutical world.

#2 Toothbrush pack switches out of plastic

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) have announced that their German toothbrush brand, Dr. Best is in the process of moving out of plastic packaging. It is expected that most of the complete range will be in board packs within a few months, with the exception of electric vibrating brushes. It is estimated that the move to board packaging will save 325,000 kgs of plastic per annum. The main body of the carton is made from 85% recycled board with a viewing window made of cellulose manufactured from a renewable plant source. The decision to have a visible window was made due to research that GSK conducted which revealed that consumers like to be able to see the head of the brush when making their purchase. The packaging is fully recyclable and can be disposed of in the usual waste paper stream.

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#3 Gable-top carton refill pack for soap launched

Norwegian home and personal care manufacturer Orkla has collaborated with Elopak to produce a sustainable refill pack for their Klar laundry detergent and liquid soap products. The new board-based carton, called D-PAK is a move by Orkla to help consumers reduce the amount of plastic generated in the waste stream. The gable-top carton is made from renewable materials and is said to be suitable for recycling with other board products such as milk cartons and newspapers. A trial has been conducted with selected retailers, and online purchasers. Consumer feedback has been positive, with reports that refilling is easy and convenient. Consumers just need to pour from the carton into the original plastic container. It is said that the new pack is more efficient through the supply chain, as it saves weight and is also more cost-effective by volume. A label over the cap is added to alert the consumer that the pack’s contents are not for consumption.


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#4 World’s first adaptive deodorant pack in development

Unilever has revealed they have partnered with New-York based global marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompson and design studio Sour to create a new deodorant pack called Degree Inclusive. The collaboration has unveiled the “world’s first adaptive deodorant” for people with disabilities affecting their vision and/or arms. The deodorant was designed with Sour, who contributed as disability consultants on the project to suggest ideas and test prototypes. In terms of easier use for people with disabilities affecting their arms, the pack has a hook for single-hand use, as well as a magnetic cap for easier opening. Additionally, for those with vision impairment, it has a braille label with instructions for use. The pack also has a large roll-on surface to reach more skin area, while ticking sustainability boxes by being refillable.

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