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E-commerce packaging fails

Vegan sales were up by 500% at Aldi UK this Veganuary

Bloomberg Intelligence also predicts that the global vegan market will grow another 24% in 2022 and will double in size in a little over three years.

So what impact might this have for the packaging industry?

Are we at the start of a significant packaging trend?
Will this be another on-pack logo that brands will strive for?
Are brands and retailers looking at doing this for their packaging?

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#1 Body wash launched in reusable and refillable format

Unilever in the US has launched its Dove Body Wash in a reusable and refillable format. Consumers have the choice of two different options to choose from. The more expensive option is the Dove Reusable Aluminum Bottle + Body Wash Concentrate, which is priced at $14.99 (£11.06) and is comprised of an aluminium bottle plus a squeezable concentrated body wash, which is a 4oz (114ml)  bottle that is 4x concentrated, and when diluted with water makes up 16oz (455 ml) of body wash. The body wash concentrate bottle uses 50% less plastic than a standard bottle and is made from recycled plastic. The other option is Dove Reusable Bottle + Body Wash Concentrate which has a recycled, reusable plastic bottle, along with the concentrated body wash and retails at $9.99 (£7.37) USD. The refill concentrates are priced at $6.79 (£5) USD. Both formats are available in three scents: Daily Moisture, Cucumber and Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla.


#2 Dishwashing brand packaged in refillable rPET pouches

Multinational packaging and paper group Mondi have collaborated with German chemical and consumer goods company Henkel to launch 100% recyclable and refillable pouches for Henkel’s dishwashing brand Pril. It is reported that the pack’s plastic content has been reduced by 70% from previous iterations, and is to be used to refill an rPET pump dispenser bottle. Simple and light to carry, consumers can easily empty the packaging without leaving any waste product within, due to its ergonomic design. The collaboration benefits both companies’ goals of packaging all of their products in 100% recyclable or reusable materials by 2025.

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#3 Plastic alternative for Finnish bedding products

Familon, a leading Finnish bedding brand, is moving away from conventional fossil-based plastic bags to a more sustainable alternative for its bedding products. Early in 2022 they started packing their products into Paptic. Also manufactured in Finland, Paptic is made from wood fibres, is reusable and recyclable with cardboard and packaging papers. The materials’ main raw material originates from sustainably managed forests, and the process for manufacturing Paptic is almost identical to that used in papermaking, and can be made on standard papermaking equipment, with a few minor modifications. The materials used to make Paptic are available as FSC certified. The innovative materials are durable, strong and and repel moisture. They have a unique haptic feature.  Familon and Paptic encourage consumers to continue using the bag before it is eventually recycled. The pillow bag can be used as a mailer, the larger quilt bag can be used for waste sorting, or as a laundry bag.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Australian researchers develop self-cleaning bioplastic

Researchers at the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Australia have announced that they have developed a self-cleaning bioplastic that they hope will be able to prevent food waste and also aid recycling processes in food and beauty markets. The new bioplastic is based on the lotus leaf, which is native to Northern Australia. It is notoriously water-repellent, and the new bioplastic has been designed to mimic its properties. Lotus leaves are renowned for having some of the most water-repellent surfaces known, and is due to the leaf’s surface structure, which is tiny pillars topped with a waxy layer, meaning it makes the surface almost impossible to get dirty. Commercial applications of this self-cleaning bioplastic could be in food or beauty packaging applications. The self-cleaning feature of this bioplastic removes the friction and lets a product easily slide down, for such products as ketchup, mayonnaise, toothpaste or sun cream where it is difficult to remove all the product.


Packaging question of the week

By 2030, 25% of Coca-Cola beverages will be in refillable or returnable bottles. Is this the future for the beverage market? Vote and comment on LinkedIn now. 

Last week, 70% thought that we’d see more plastic reduction/elimination in 2022. 30% thought there would be more carbon reduction initiatives.

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