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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week for our Innovation Zone database.

We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

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ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations every week for our Innovation Zone database. We have selected four new initiatives for you today.

More information on our Innovation Zone packaging database –

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#1 Bioplastic made from popcorn waste viable alternative to polystyrene


A German university has developed a bioplastic with many of the attributes of polystyrene (PS), but made from popcorn waste. The researchers at the University of Göttingen were so pleased with the resulting material that they have subsequently patented the process. They have also entered into an exclusivity agreement with German cereal manufacturer Nordgetreide, for them to manufacture and sell products made from the new material. The material is comprised of cooked and popped corn, processing waste from cereal production. The waste is then processed so that it has a granular appearance. Then using similar technologies to those used for processing polystyrene and other plastics, it becomes malleable and can be formed into suitable shapes. The resulting product is water-resistant and can be used several times. Being completely natural, once it reaches the end of its useful life it will biodegrade completely without leaving residues.

#2 Burger brand switches from box packaging to grass paper wrapper

McDonald’s Germany have moved their premium burger, the Deutschland out of its current box format and into a grass paper wrapper. It is reported that the use of grass fibres saves large amounts of energy, water and CO2 emissions. The new paper wrapper is comprised of 20% grass, is FSC-licensed and derived from existing grass areas, so does not compete for space with other crops. The grass also does not travel far to be processed. By moving from a board carton to a paper wrapper, McDonald’s have reduced the packaging weight by an estimated 70%. The move is part of McDonald’s ambitions to reduce plastic and packaging waste. Their goal is that by 2025 all packaging should be made up of either 100% renewable or recycled materials. The McDonald’s wraps already in a paper wrapper will also move to the new grass paper format.

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#3 New dispensing pump made from recyclable polyethylene

Aptar are a global supplier of innovative drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and material science solutions. The Illinois-headquartered solutions provider has launched a fully recyclable dispensing pump made using polyethylene (PE). The ‘Future’ solution from Aptar used the mono-material PE to make recycling easier, as traditional pumps usually contain many different materials that are difficult to separate when recycling. The pump features a 360-degree actuator, with a locking system for turning the pump on/off. The solution was not discovered overnight, it is the result of over two years of research and testing, and is certified by cyclos-HTP and RecyClass


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Bottles made from citrus fruit waste in development

Citruspack was a three-year project that set out to develop packaging bioproducts manufactured from citrus fruit waste. They succeeded to develop three product prototypes, a juice bottle (bio-bottle), a cosmetic jar (bio-jar), and a moisturising facial cream. Co-ordinated by Zaragoza-based AITIIP Technology Centre, a number of other research organisations were involved, from five countries (Spain, Greece, Slovenia, France and Belgium). The initial stage was to extract natural compounds from waste such as fibres or essential oils. The compounds obtained were then developed further either into packaging bioplastics or cosmetic products such as moisturisers, scrubs and facial masks. The extrusion-blown bioplastic juice bottles that were developed conformed to EN 13432, the standard by which products can be said to be industrially compostable. The project was funded by the European Commission’s LIFE Programme.


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Vincent Mooij of SUEZ.circpack® discusses the challenges in delivering recyclable packaging. We chat about some of the solutions available to help understand the recycling process and design the best circular packaging for a brand.

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