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Welcome to this week’s ThePackHub Innovation Zone snapshot.

ThePackHub collates 20 new packaging innovations each week and we have picked four recent examples for you to peruse below.

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#1 Bath time gift set gets the personalised pack treatment

Personalisation has been one of the main beneficiaries of the digital print for packaging revolution with several executions that exploit the technology to deliver unique and meaningful pack executions. Coca Cola got the ball rolling with their multinational Share A Coke campaign that showed what could be done with a well managed campaign. Unilever have also been part of the party with personalised campaigns for Marmite as well as Vaseline – Personalised skin care brand perfect for gifting. The multinational consumer goods company has again worked with UK leading personalised gifting and fulfilment company Intervino with an introduction of a bath time gift set personalised with a baby’s name for their Baby Dove brand. Shoppers can go online and choose a name to go on 400ml bottles of lotion that also includes a gift box and gift card.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Biodegradable bottle made from recycled paper as alternative water packaging material

Single-use plastic packaging has taken a media of hammering of late but consumers’ demand for packaging water on-the-go shows no signs of declining. UK consumption of water drinks rose 7% in 2017 to nearly 4,000 million litres. There has been other packaging material alternatives to PET plastic bottles coming to market. You may have seen Will Smith help launch paper based Just Water in the UK as a high profile example recently. Another potential solution has emerged from non-profit Choose Water, which has created a biodegradable bottle made from recycled paper.  The bottle consists of a vacuum-formed paper shell. Water barrier is achieved via a plastic-free waterproof lining. It will degrade in less than six months.The bottle’s lid is made from steel, a material with better recycling rates than plastic that will also biodegrade into iron oxide.

More info in The Innovation Zone

#3 Coffee waste could be next bio-material to make beverage cups


Bio-material development continues to progress with a wide variety of materials being used as an alternative to oil-based plastics being reported in the Innovation Zone. Materials that are a waste by-product from another process have additional appeal. A researcher from Sydney, Australia Macquarie University has found a use for discarded coffee waste by turning them into lactic acid, which can then be used to produce biodegradable plastics with an obvious application as a beverage cup. The UK gets through 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year and the coffee grounds used to make the drinks are clearly only used once with 500,000 tonnes sent to landfill in the UK each year. The coffee ground is about 50% made up of sugars, which can then be converted into bio-based chemicals. A synthetic pathway to convert mannose sugar into lactic acid. The next stages of the research will be to refine the conversion pathway to improve the yield of lactic acid.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Plant-based packs being tested for Indian snack brands

The UK Plastics Pact has recently come into being as a collaborative initiative to create a circular economy for plastics. 42 major brands, retailers and suppliers have made a pledge to have 100% of their plastic packaging as reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. Also making waves is a petition signed by more than 150,000 people calling for PepsiCo’s Walkers and other crisp manufacturers to make their packets more “environmentally-friendly”. In others words, consumers are no longer prepared to wait until 2025 for a solution. PepsiCo India is hoping to take the lead in this area with a plan to test a plant-based pack for a couple of their snack brands. The company will pilot 100% compostable, plant-based packaging for the Lays and Kurkure brands in the Indian market. The company is also working to reduce the impact of its packaging on the environment by resizing the packaging, which will help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

More info in The Innovation Zone.



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