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#1 Antibacterial hand soap launched in biodegradable paper bottles

Choose Packaging is an Edinburgh packaging development company that has introduced a new hand soap concept incorporating innovative paper-based packaging.  The company has announced the launch of antibacterial hand soap in their new biodegradable paper bottles. The Innovation Zone has tracked several paper-based initiatives of this nature. See for example World’s first paper beer bottle a step closer to reality.  The bottles are reported to be completely plastic-free as well as biodegradable and are made from recycled newspapers and other ‘naturally sustainable’ materials. It is not clear how the moisture barrier is achieved although claims of being plastic-free would indicate that it will be organic in nature.  Choose are working on other plastic-free alternatives to everyday products to increase their portfolio.

#2 Oval tube delivers distinctive point of difference

Fortune 500 global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products, Berry Global has announced the introduction of a new format that is set to create a distinctive point of difference in the crowded tube market. Their new oval tube is extruded, formed and decorated at Berry’s manufacturing plant in Easthampton, Massachusetts.  The Easthampton production facility allows Berry Global to better serve their domestic market customers with enhanced speed to market and more economical transit costs. The majority of tubes are round meaning this unique shape flags to the consumer that this brand or product is new and distinct. The brand-differentiating alternative can also meet growing requirements for recycled plastic content as it is also available with post-consumer resin (PCR). The 5 cm extruded tube is available with the possibilities for premium-enhancing decoration techniques including silkscreen with up to eight colours as well as up to five colours with cold foil. The oval tubes are suitable for a variety of products, including beauty and personal care, healthcare or home care.

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#3 New technology helps protects food against pathogens

New technology developed by US-based AptarGroup subsidiary Aptar Food + Beverage has been created to aid the protection of food against several infectious pathogens. Their InvisiShield technology will protect food such as fruit, vegetables and fish from transmissible pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses. The solution prevents pathogen growth without adversely affecting the contents or come into contact with the product itself. It is activated in sealed packs to release a specific amount of an antipathogenic substance that reduces the significant growth of pathogens that may have been introduced along the supply chain. The substance is not detectable by consumers and disappears up to 48 hours after activation. The technology also means that the risk of cross-contamination in the sealed pack is significantly reduced. Third-party research has shown that the technology is up to 99.9% effective against the most common foodborne pathogens that includes E. coli, salmonella, listeria and norovirus. A pilot programme with tomatoes alongside Atlanta, Georgia based Royal Fresh Cuts is underway wit plans to commercialise a roll out on successful completion of the trials. See also PE composite foodwrap has antibacterial properties.


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#4 Lenticular animation brings shoebox packaging to life

Adidas’ leading apparel and footwear collection ‘The Pack’ has been reimagined in a new and exciting format. The kit has been repackaged in an engaging pack composition that features an appealing lenticular animation. The footwear and apparel combined package is brought to life through an interactive analogue movement though tried and tested lenticular techniques somewhat underutilised by the packaging industry. The process sees the creation of an outer shell with a nested larger box designed to reveal slivers of graphics. As the box is removed from the casing, other segments of the imagery are revealed to create a vibrating visual effect. A matte black box is enhanced via an iridescent foil, which shifts in colour at numerous angles and lighting. Shoe packaging reinvented with functional alternative to convention.

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