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#1 Air capsule packaging alternative to conventional corrugated shipping cases

Procter & Gamble China has revealed a novel packaging solution called  Air Capsule Express packaging. The development was recently shared by their R&D Technology General Manager, and is being touted as an alternative to conventional corrugated board shipping cases for protecting fragile items in the last mile of delivery, and reducing the quantity of packaging.  Air Capsule is P&G’s patented invention where they are finding industry partners to collect it for recycling. The Air Capsule Express packaging is made from a single material that is inflated with air, is waterproof, recyclable, and weighs 40% less than a normal shipping case. Procter & Gamble China joined the GRPG (Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Joint Working Group) to investigate waste separation recycling and plastic recycling enterprises. The Air Capsule Express was developed jointly with the GRPG, who together carried out pilot trials for recycling of the Air Capsule Express as a way of promoting a greener circular economy.


#2 PCR paperboard blister packs developed

Ohio-based Rohrer has announced the launch of two new blister pack options with an eye very much on the environment. All-Paper Blister is a packaging solution, as the name implies, made entirely of paper. All-Paper Blister cards and inserts are made using paperboard derived from post-consumer waste (65% PCW) sources, or from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paperboard. The other option, the ecoCombo, features thermoformed blisters that are created using post-consumer recycled PET (50% PCR). Both blister pack solutions are said to run on current production lines with existing heat-sealing equipment, and can be ordered in convenient quantities, ie. 5,000 to 100,000. Superior print and decoration is available on a variety of substrates, including Rohrer’s Process+ seven-colour processing.

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#3 Edible film in development made from pineapple waste

A team of researchers from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Alicante in Spain have developed a new packaging material made from pineapple waste. Both the core and peel are used to make the plastic-like material. The new packaging format effectively thwarts potential pineapple food waste where as much as half of each fruit is wasted with the rind and core being the parts most commonly discarded.  It is said to have properties which can increase the level of preservation of the food it holds, increasing shelf life. The end goal of the development is to have created an edible film that can be used to control the shelf-life of susceptible foods such as red meat.

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#4 Mono-material PET blister lidding solution meets industry requirements

Huhtamäki Oyj is a global packaging specialist based in Finland. They have announced a first-to-market, mono-material PET (polyethylene terephthalate) lidding material aimed at the global healthcare industry. Developed as a replacement to the industry standard of aluminium lidding, Huhtamaki’s Push Tab blister lid is designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of highly regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging, and provides the industry with a recyclable alternative to traditional push-through blister packaging. When combined with Klöckner Pentaplast Next™ R1 bottom rigid film, it is a plug and play solution, proven to run on existing blister packaging lines, without modifications or extra investment required, and without having to compromise on speed. Push Tab® blister lid has superior optical clarity, and Its PET-Heat Sealing structure is printable using all standard technologies. This new development is said to make PET based lid film pushable and enables easy access to the tablet for the consumer.


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