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#1 100,000 unique designs transform vodka brand

Vilnius, Lithuania-based packaging agency Étiquette has designed the first variable packaging design project Lithuania. Lithuanian Vodka issues limited editions every year and this year they have used digital print technology to create something quite different. A 1 m² illustration has been transformed into 100,000 unique packages via HP’s SmartStream Mosaic algorithm. The technology has been used to automatically generate unique graphics from a selection of different images to produce one-of-a-kind prints.  The graphical elements used in the design are associated with Lithuanian fairy tales and is part of the celebration of spring. The impactful variable data digital print sleeves have a unique number on each one to further emphasis the one-of-a-kind nature of the execution.

#2 V-shaped water bottle concept meets sustainability goals

Leading equipment and services manufacturer for packaging liquids Sidel has introduced an innovative and distinctive packaging concept alternative for still water. The characteristic V-shaped 220 ml water bottle pack is made from 100% rPET and is extremely lightweighted at just 5g a bottle. The AYA design comes with a snap-on tethered cap to reduce plastic pollution. Branding and legally required information can be engraved in relief onto the bottle to eliminate the necessity for a label.  AYA features a specific deep base design to stack the bottles. This reduces the height to improve the whole storage volume. The base shape of the bottle has been designed to accommodate another bottle’s cap to deliver stability during storage and transportation. The bottles can be arranged to optimise any storage volume. Subscriber content: See also Water brand gets noticed with dumbbell-shaped bottle.

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#3 Cellulose-based drinking straw looks and performs like plastic

It has been estimated that Canadians use about a billion drinking straws every year. The format has become the ‘poster child’ for anti-plastic sentiment with more and more markets with plans to ban plastic drinking straws including the Canadian federal government. Montreal based McGill University have developed a new plastic-free straw alternative that nonetheless looks and feels like plastic. The organic and compostable material is made from cellulose, which is a renewable material and doesn’t taste like wet paper or feel like paper. The Cellophax material feels like plastic and won’t become soaked and lose form when wet. Cellulose is transformed into a malleable liquid and regenerated. The process could also make the straw transparent. Once it’s used, a cellulose-based straw can be recycled and made into other straws or other products or can be composted. The material could also have other applications for a variety of other single-use products, such as grocery bags.  A company called TreeMaTech has been formed to further develop the solution.


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#4 Dissolvable tablets enable refillable mouthwash system

A new way to eliminate plastic has been introduced for the oral care market. The solution comes from sustainable personal care brand By Humankind as a way to help reduce single-use plastic waste in consumers’ daily routines. The new mouthwash pack comprises a refillable and reusable glass cup combined with dissolvable tablets.  There is also a useful refillable silicone tablet holder that nests inside the cup. Users fill the cup up to the designated line with warm water and drop in one tablet. Once dissolved, the optimal amount and consistency of mouthwash is created.  The $10 mouthwash set includes 60 tablets, with refills available online. It has been estimated that each refill eliminates 2.91-ounces (82.5g) of single-use plastic. Subscriber content: See also New deodorant range relies on refills to reduce plastic usage.

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