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Where’s The Tension?


There’s a lot of marketing talk about meeting ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. Today, however, it seems that we have most of what we ‘want’ and have so much choice that there’s not much we ‘need’ either. On the contrary, most of the research that I have seen suggests we want less, not more: given the vast range of options we are confronted with every time we make a purchase, our reaction seems to be to simplify the choice set we are given and we make no choice at all. We simply buy, or do, what we have always done. This reaction is great news for market leaders but for those of us working to bring something new to market, then we have a real challenge on our hands to break through the raft of existing options customers have.

So, when we are looking for new ideas, whilst our ideation sessions start by identifying problems, we  focus on those problems that are a big enough to mean that our solutions to these problems have a chance of breaking through and our target customers will find adopting our ideas worth the effort. We call this tension. If a problem lacks tension, then any solution may well struggle to break through.

Ideation Workshops


ThePackHub and specialist innovation expert Grahame Cox ofInnovation Ink offer workshops to create ideas and seek solutions to your big packaging challenges.

We can tailor the workshop to meet your needs. Moderated by Innovation Ink, we can bring together selected industry experts, ThePackHub team and your key internal stakeholders to develop a range of potential solutions to meet your packaging innovation challenges.


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