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#1 Fully recyclable single-serve coffee pack introduced

US-based specialty coffee company NuZee has introduced a recyclable single-serve coffee pack to improve their environmental credentials. The fully recyclable packaging comes to market via food and beverage packaging specialists Huhtamaki with their next generation range of recyclable flexible packaging called blueloop. See Mono-material range launch improves recyclabilityHuhtamaki’s blueloop solutions are mono-material structures made from a combination of widely recyclable PP, PE and paper. The single serve pour over coffee pack consists of a customised box and a disposable filter and coffee sealed in a pouch. Up until the packaging change, all the packaging bar the pouch was recyclable. The previous pouch had a combination of film and coatings to maintain freshness. The use of Huhtamaki’s blueloop packaging film in the manufacture of the nitrogen-flushed pouch changes that and creates a 100% fully recyclable that still maintains the freshness of the coffee.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#2 Plastic-free shampoo brand hits Canadian shelves

The negative single-use plastic sentiment is seeing new categories popping up. An area for change is in the bathroom with a number of brands looking to switch out of plastic with new packaging alternatives in a sector that is starting to take off. Canadian bar shampoo company Unwrapped Life is one of these businesses. The brand has a philosophy that ‘shampoo really doesn’t need to be in a bottle’ and is cutting single-use plastic by offering a solid-form shampoo and conditioner combination. The business also uses paper to pack the products. The bars are small and lightweight. Rigid paper mailers or small cardboard boxes are used for online orders. The business has sourced recycled paper products to cut down on the impact of virgin paper manufacturing and distribution. See also Water soluble shampoo pods reduces plastic use and Single use shaving pods dissolve in water.

More info in The Innovation Zone.

#3 Upfront messaging promotes plastic-free bread packaging

Although the plastic on much of the wrapped bread sold in the UK is recyclable, few local authorities collect it as part of kerbside services.  Consumers need to take the packaging to a recycling point to be recycled alongside carrier bags. Northwich, UK based Roberts Bakery is creating a stir with ‘in your face’ messaging to promote the introduction of paper packaging. Rolling out to 300 Tesco stores on its core 800g loaf range,  the bags are made from sustainably sourced paper and a thin PP coating. This enables the loaves to carry OPRL’s ‘widely-recycled’ logo, the first UK bread brand to be awarded this.  The roll-out of paper packaging on the 800g core range follows the launch of the packaging on Roberts’ bloomer as reported in the Innovation Zone – 100% recyclable bakery brand shouts claims on pack. Roberts is aiming to eventually switch to plastic-free packaging across all SKUs and in all stockists.


More info in The Innovation Zone.

#4 Secondary packaging transforms into jetpack after the kids’ clothes have been unpacked

Sustainable fashion company Stretchy kids’ clothing brand Petit Pli has a unique selling proposition that sees their pleated and stretchy clothes expand as young wearers gets older and bigger. The big idea is to reduce clothing waste as well as save parents’ money, as children move up several sizes in the first few years of their life. As well as making branding and communications changes, London-based NB Studio has also designed special structural packaging for the brand. The FSC cardboard box has been designed in an origami style that lets consumers transform it into a jetpack after the clothes have been unpacked. This gives the box a new life by turning it into a kids’ toy and sustainably extending the use of the packaging.  The clothes are also wrapped in leftover material surplus to the production process. See also Try out your best origami with one-of-a-kind chocolate packs.

More info in The Innovation Zone.



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