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Welcome to this week’s Innovation Zone snapshot from ThePackHub.
ThePackHub collates up to 20 new packaging innovations each week and we have picked four recent examples for you below.

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#1 Fully recyclable paper banding to collate bananas launched

Packaging manufacturer Mondi’s creative team have worked together to deliver a new distinctive structural design that is designed to look like the product it protects. Pistachio Dream is inspired by the pistachio nut with the structure, colour (pistachio brown and green) and the opening mechanism designed to resemble the product itself. By pulling the two sides of the box apart, the end user mimics the peeling of the pistachio nut from the peel. The trays that appear on the outside when the pack has been opened work as receptacles for empty pistachio shells. The corrugated cardboard exterior of the primary packaging also makes it easy to stack the nut produce on the shelf.


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#2 Distinctive hot sauce jar helps communicate explosive flavour

Columbia, South Carolina-based Smoke Hall Foods L3C is the veteran-owned, parent company of The General’s Hot Sauce. The sauce brand has used packaging in an impactful and eye-catching way to help communicate what their product is all about. The three Louisiana hot sauces for sale promise to spice up cooking with a range of explosive spices. To help shoppers understand the power of the sauces as well as to differentiate the brand on supermarket shelves, the sauces are presented in grenade-shaped packaging to reinforce the notion of a spicy explosion of flavours.

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#3 Bubble tea cup gets reimagined to add functionality and sustainable features

The banning of plastic straws in several parts of the world has created a challenge for the bubble tea market. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink and a straw is currently a central part of the consumption experience. However, the packaging proposition has been reimagined by two designers from Taipei who have designed it so it no longer requires a straw to consume. Their packaging answer is called ‘Float’ and is a glass cup with a sipping area combined with an inner cup. The outer material, provided by Hsinchu City, Taiwan headquartered Spring Pool Glass is made with recycled glass. The mouth of the cup is protected by a cover, punctuated by a coloured sphere that has been created to resemble a bubble tea pearl. A smaller inner cup sits within the glassware to let the drinker reach the beverage’s toppings easily. The introduction of an inner cup makes the glass easier to clean.


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#4 Cleaning products range switch to refill model using cartons

Reusable packaging systems are increasing in popularity. New York based Cleancult is a green cleaning company that has created a refill-based model that allows their products to evade plastic packaging. The business also claims to be carbon neutral. Consumers can refill the first bottle they use and then recycle their cartons for the first ever zero waste cleaning model. Rather than sending more plastic bottles to users when they run out of cleaners, the refills are sent in plastic free mailers made of paper. The refills themselves are milk cartons that use 90% less plastic than current packaging. See also Refillable pack scheme launched for UK cosmetics brand.

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