FoodTalk Awards: prize packaging

Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub is delighted to be one of the judges for this year’s FoodTalk Awards, which take place at London’s Banking Hall on 15 June.

Although we take much of today’s food packaging for granted, it’s important to remember that every box, packet, bag and bottle has been specifically designed for a specific purpose. Helping to keep your favourite ingredients in good condition as they’re stored, stacked and transported, packaging is an integral part of the food chain.


It therefore makes perfect sense that the 2018 FoodTalk Awards will be recognising innovations and advances in packaging. Covering everything from takeaway packaging to retail packaging, the awards will be celebrating the very best in packaging design and originality.


The FoodTalk Awards


In 2018, the FoodTalk Awards will once again be showcasing everything that is new, innovative and original in the world of food. For the second year running, packaging will have its very own awards category, giving designers around the country the perfect opportunity to show the world the new and exciting projects they’ve been working on. As well as retail packaging, the awards will be looking at designs for takeaway food containers and food delivery packaging.


As Paul Jenkins from ThePackHub says, “I am delighted to be involved in this great initiative. It’s pleasing that packaging has its own award category again this year. There are some great food packaging innovations coming to market and I am really looking forward to being part of the judging panel for this free-to-enter competition. I look forward to seeing all the entries when they come in. Bring on the Smart Packaging!”


The importance of packaging


Ever since the first person put their eggs in a box to keep them safe or their flour in a bag for easy transportation, packaging has played an integral part in food production. These days, virtually every product on the supermarket shelves has its owned custom-made packaging, ensuring that all our food gets to us in perfect condition.


Often, packaging is also designed to help preserve food, so it can be enjoyed for even longer. The more advance packaging design becomes, the more it will help to reduce food waste and improve the quality of the food in our kitchens. Encouraging good packaging design can therefore help to improve the environmental credentials of the food industry as well as the quality of the end product that the consumer receives.


Brand identity


As well as playing an integral part in food transportation and storage, packaging is an important part of building a brand identity. Customers will often recognise a product by its packaging and the materials and design used will have an impact on how consumers see a product and the brand responsible for it.

From storage and transportation to marketing, packaging is an important part of the food industry. To find out more about the most innovative and exciting new designs in the world of packaging, stay tuned for the FoodTalk Awards 2018.

Entries close at midnight on 16 February via

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